A+ Certification Training Kit, 2nd edition by Microsoft Corporation

By Microsoft Corporation

The A+ Certification application was once created through a consortium of businesses; together with Microsoft, to outline baseline wisdom and talent degrees for IT pros who help and software program in accordance with the Intel platform. With this self-paced education equipment, Microsoft applies its renowned, competency-based studying structure to A+ certification try guidance. Entry-level IT pros, computing device provider technicians, and different desktop technological know-how tune scholars can use the package to construct real-world services with structures and working structures -- as they organize for the corresponding ability parts of the A+ examination.

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Vendors find they can cut their training programs by as much as 50 percent when they require that all attendees are A+ Certified. Customer confidence. As the general public learns about A+ Certification, customers will request that only certified technicians be assigned to their accounts. Companies benefit from improved productivity. Certified employees perform work faster and more accurately. Statistics show that certified employees can work up to 75 percent faster than noncertified employees.

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