A Mighty Fortress (AD&D 2nd Ed. Fantasy Roleplaying, HR4 ) by Steve Winter, Terry Philips

By Steve Winter, Terry Philips

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There is a 1in 6 chance that the PC will disturb a number of thugs while they are eating. If this is the case, the room will have ld6 + 2 thugs sitting around consuming food and drink. A character going back to the armory and putting on a tabard of Zadaraq or a suit of chain mail and helm may make a disguise proficiency roll at + 4 to pass for one of the thugs of the Gullwing Bandit. If he succeeds, he will be ordered to the barracks by one of the door guards. If he doesn’t succeed, the two will question the PC thoroughly.

Mysh “the Toad” Mysh will offer the PC any number of small magical oddities (less than + 2 in power). The Toad will use the evidence to destroy Mellbourne Greystreet, taking his treasures and books. Mysh will also see to it that Lyke Knoor is captured and hanged as a traitor. Mysh could be a very good friend to an aspiring PC. Mysh will never forget a favor such as this and will help the PC in the future. (Mysh can attain 8th level after he studies the books in Greystreet’s library). Trevor Hawks, Luci Janns Both will try to persuade the PC to give the evidence to Duke Garlin or to Mav Lakorak (as well as repent his thieving ways).

Two groggy thugs stand watch at the doors leading out of the entrance hall. Both are normally drunk and asleep. Bronze keys dangle from their belts. It is very easy to steal the keys ( +30% bonus to Pick Pockets to succeed). However, if the PC tries to kill the guards, he must deliver a killing blow or the men will cry out, waking all within the hideout. The PC will find barrels of wine, smoked meat, and foodstuffs stocked along the dock. The boats are carefully tended, but a quick inspection will reveal that all boats have plugs at the bottom.

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