A Transect Through the New England Appalachians: Burlington, by John B. Lyons, Wallace A. Bothner, Barry L. Doolan, Norman

By John B. Lyons, Wallace A. Bothner, Barry L. Doolan, Norman L. Hatch, Robert H. Moench, Rolfe Stanley(auth.)

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Published via the yank Geophysical Union as a part of the Field journey Guidebooks Series.

This traverse around the Northern Appalachians from the environs of Burlington, Vt. to Portsmouth, N.H. (fig. 1) demonstrates a geology which displays the subsequent tectono-metamorphic and/or magmatic occasions: 1) Grenvillian (Precambrian Y) orogeny, top noticeable within the Adirondack Mountains of northeastern long island, but in addition obvious within the cores of the fairway Mountain and Lincoln massifs of west-central Vermont and the Chester-Athens and Sadawga-Rayponda domes of southeastern Vermont; 2) Avalonian (Precambrian Z) orogeny, evidenced through the Massabesic Gneiss and similar rocks of southeastern New Hampshire; three) Taconian (Mid-Ordovician) tectonism and metamorphism (the Taconic Mountains of western Vermont and jap long island lie instantly south of our line of traverse); four) Acadian orogeny (Early to heart Devonian) - sincerely the most important tectonic, magmatic, and metamorphic occasion during this sector, and top illustrated by means of geologic kin in New Hampshire and Maine; and five) Mesozoic rifting, observed by way of the emplacement of ring-dikes and shares of the White Mountain (Jurassic and Cretaceous) plutonic-volcanic complexes, mainly in New Hampshire (figs. 2 and 3). to not be visible are a few Mississippian (325 Ma.) plutons of japanese New Hampshire and western Maine, and a Permian (275 Ma.) intrusive of south-central New Hampshire. The latter age is exciting, since it is the same to that of granite slicing the Carboniferous (Westphalian) Narragansett Basin of southeastern New England, which used to be deformed and metamorphosed throughout the Alleghenian orogeny.


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Abraham thrust slices and the Underhill slices to the west. Two or three generations of thrust faults are commonly present in many of the outcrops throughout this belt. The older pre-or early metamorphic faults are isoclinally folded and cut by syn- and late metamorphic thrusts with sharp, well foliated and lineated contacts. For example, at this outcrop the aluminous Mt. Abraham Schist (chloritoid-paragonite) overlies the carbonaceous schist along a synmetamorphic (post peak) thrust. Isoclinal folds of the aluminous schist in the carbonaceous schist indicate an earlier fault.

Their history appears to involve repeated cycles of flattening and shearing during which the veins were emplaced along extension fractures and then rotated during east-overwest shear. 5) West-dipping shear bands are present here and there. 6) Westward displacement (N75W) of the upper plate is documented by "S" shaped folds, "Z" shaped quartz veins, quartz porphyroblasts, and late shear bands. Potential Stop - Cheshire Quartzite along the New Haven River west of West Lincoln. Discussion by Charlotte Mehrtens.

1961) is interpreted as a melange of stratigraphic units ranging from Pinnacle to Sweetsburg/ Ottauquechee Fms. It is here considered to represent a syn-deformational subuction melange comprised almost entirely of rift-to drift-stage rocks of the ancient passive margin. Talc steatite, serpentinite and foliated greenstone/amphibolite slivers and blocks display all of the deformational history of the host rocks locally, but characteristically outcrop in this t~rrane. A. of the flat-lying bedding schistosity.

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