Agostino by Giovanni Catapano

By Giovanni Catapano

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Although few episodes make the stakes so explicit, each of them, by making the client’s life or death depend on the verdict, makes the criminal transgressions the justice system is designed to address and potential malfunctions within the system personal and urgent. Chapter 2 36 Geopolitics and the law (I): Mason aboard the USS Moray in “The Case of the Slandered Submarine” (14 May 1960). If murder is implicitly an attack on not only the murder victim but the integrity of the justice system and the American way of life, the defense against an unjust charge of murder balances the weakened or corrupted families that spawn intrigue and murder by an idealized family that works for justice.

MUSIC UP for LS of LAWRENCE 12. LS and PAN R on LAWRENCE for a woman, especially my wife. ): It’s almost no place for an amateur archaeologist either. Thanks for coming as far as Colegrove station. She leans forward and kisses him passionately. HARRIET: Write every day, Lawrence. ): Don’t forget. VOICE OFF: Colegrove station. HARRIET: Good-bye, my darling. ) LAWRENCE: Bye. ) LAWRENCE: Uh, better get a cab before they’re all gone. ) She turns back and waves. He waves, then turns to reenter train.

The courtroom is the most ritualized space in television. Far more than the church or the hospital operating room, it requires a precise decorum from all participants—a manner of dress and comportment, a rhetoric, a volume and tone of voice—and instantly punishes those who fail to comply. The reason might seem obvious to every citizen: the courtroom is the place where the truth about a problematic situation will be revealed under the aegis of the law. Attorneys themselves, more likely to think of the courtroom as an arena for Chapter 2 28 conflict like a boxing ring, can find another reason for the precise protocol: the sharpest conflicts demand the most severe decorum in their resolution.

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