Amber Knight by Katherine John

By Katherine John

This fast moving motion mystery is a multi-layered tale that spans 8 centuries, from medieval Germany and Prussia to give day Poland and united states headquartered at the legend of the Amber Knight - a liked relic that encouraged generations until eventually the Nazis stole it.

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The colonel produced a set of keys, prised a concrete block from the inner wall at floor level and uncovered a lever. He heaved it downwards. The Russian leapt in the air as a stone trap door opened inches from where he was standing. ‘That, gentlemen, leads to a passage buried three metres below the cemetery at the rear of the Naval Command bunker. At the end of the passage is a room, airtight and bomb proof, fifteen metres square and two metres high. ’ the Russian asked suspiciously. ‘There are vents connected to the air supply that feeds the main bunkers.

Jobs in the artistic and cultural fields were scarce in cash-strapped Poland and, for all Magdalena’s undoubted talent, if it hadn’t been for his offer, she would be unemployed. A fact they were both aware of. If Magdalena Janca had one fault, it was a tendency to work too hard. He would have been happier if she’d complained to him once in a while about the workload he sent her way. Adam took his director’s position at the Institute more seriously than anything he’d worked at before, but he sensed that Edmund, for all his friendliness, considered him an amateur and wouldn’t have tolerated his presence in the building if he hadn’t held the Institute cheque book.

Peter the Great’s Amber Room,’ the Russian commander corrected. ‘You’re both wrong,’ Jan smiled. ’ Avoiding the drunken mob around the Fuhrer bunker, the engineers drove the trucks past the Teleprinter exchange to the Naval High Command bunker. At the colonel’s suggestion, three men from each group were entrusted with the location of the hideaway. The colonel chose his immediate ranking subordinates; the major in charge of the engineers and his aide. Jan picked his lieutenant and his mistress, the Russian his second-in-command and his brother.

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