American English File: MultiPACK Starter A by Oxenden

By Oxenden

Four-skills American English direction with a communicative method, enticing texts, and a powerful pronunciation syllabus - designed to get scholars conversing.

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A weak handshake is considered a sign of a weak, ineffective, or very gentle person. "That person shakes hands like a dead fish," someone might say of a person whose hand is limp. Ask Americans to show you the proper handshake grip if you are in doubt. An Indispensible Guide to Dangerous English 2000 40 . Hugging Many American women hug close friends when greeting them, especially if it has been a long time since they last saw them. A woman may hug a friend (male or female) to congratulate him or her on a birthday, a graduation, or good news.

In the times of slavery, African slaves who worked in the master's house were generally treated better than the slaves who worked in the fields. The house slaves identified with, and in many cases, loved, their masters. ) O r e o c o o k i e ; O r e o ('o:r i: ou) (offensive) A black person who has many or all of the manners and behavior and ways of thinking that a white person has. " p e o p l e of c o l o r (acceptable) This is a rather recent term that has been introduced by political activists.

To hit, making a loud noise. " 6. vulgar. Have sexual intercourse with. Usually the subject is male, the object female. " 2. b o n e (boun) 1. noun, gen. use. Part of a skeleton. " 2. verb. gen. use. To take the bones out of something. " 3. verb, slang. Bone up. To study for a test. " 4. noun, vulgar. The penis, especially when it is erect. 3. d r a w e r s (dro:rz) 1. noun, plural, gen. use. Parts of a desk, dresser, or other furniture. " 2. noun, plural, gen. use. Underpants. "The new department store is having a sale.

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