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As an author of two adventure stories for young adults, Norton could not imagine a profession better suited for her genre. Still, writing a modern spy story was radically different from penning The Prince Commands and Ralestone Luck. Her hero would battle the Nazis, an enemy as current as the day’s newspaper headlines. This was a risk, in some ways harder than when she was a first-time novelist. Unknown authors start with a blank slate; published ones have a history. Once again, Norton’s timing was perfect.

Birds in flight burst into flame; the shape of bodies was blasted onto walls. Over 70,000 Unholy Trinity men, women, and children died that day. Many thousands more perished from radiation poisoning in the days and the weeks that followed. Deaths and disabilities related to the bombing endured for generations. Three days after the first bomb was dropped, the Japanese government still had not surrendered. On August 9, the United States dropped another atomic bomb, this time on the Japanese city of Nagasaki.

6 Spies When she returned to her position at the Cleveland Public Library, Norton was not empty-handed. At the Library of Congress, Norton became involved with a group called the Cleveland Press World Friends Club. The organization matched pen pals in the United States and overseas. Through them she discovered a treasure trove for an adventure writer: a stack of letters from a Dutch spy. Did you know... The Cleveland Press World Friends Club began in the late 1930s, as a way for children from different cultures to get to know each other.

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