Angry Lead Skies: A Garrett, P.I., Novel by Glen Cook

By Glen Cook

A sequence a ways sooner than its time, now again in print somebody else might have realized by way of now: while hassle comes knocking, do not open the door. yet there is a this is because Garrett's nonetheless within the P.I. enterprise in spite of everything those years-he's now not one to benefit his classes. perhaps that is why he shall we himself get roped into being a bodyguard for Kip Prose, an obnoxious child being threatened by way of creatures that cannot particularly be defined. yet sooner than Kip Prose has an opportunity to provide an explanation for what he is performed to get at the hit record of a few anonymous nasties, the precocious Prose is kidnapped, and the chase begins...

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But it was right after those first two characters showed up that he started inventing things. ” The boy’s head is bursting with the images of the most amazing mechanisms, Garrett. He seemed completely thrilled. ” “Just stick with us for a while,” Playmate said. Investigate. ” Let your experience be your guide. And, Whatever else you do, do try to catch one of those creatures and bring it here to see me. ” Aren’t I? 7 There was no sign of Katie when we stepped out the front door, me freshly bathed and cleanly dressed in hand-me-down apparel that approached the respectable.

He had a hell of a collection, half of which I didn’t know what they were. He had a hundred unidentifiable projects going. As soon as we walked in he grabbed a file and went to work on notches in a round metal plate about eight inches in diameter. It took him only a few seconds to become totally focused. ” I asked. Playmate shrugged. “I don’t know. Part of one of his machines. ” Another expressive shrug. Playmate showed me into his forge area, which had expanded considerably since my last visit and which was an amazing clutter of junk and what looked like things half-built.

Three of them. Three strange, shiny women. I’ve been letting Kip use a corner of the smithy for a workshop. He does his projects there. ” He was offended because I’d even asked. “Though it wasn’t all me. They seemed extremely distracted by the horses. ” Playmate just will not believe the truth about horses. ” Some people view the world through a whole different set of spectacles. Playmate chose not to pursue the debate. “Their eyes were weird, Garrett. Almost like holes. ” I tried to imagine the encounter.

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