Aria the Scarlet Ammo v1 by Chugaku Akamatsu

By Chugaku Akamatsu

Kinji Tohyama can't appear to seize a holiday. As a Butei (an armed detective) he's consistently operating clear of assassins and sharpening up his detective talents, all whereas trying to have an ordinary highschool existence. simply whilst he thinks he's eventually going to get out... A gun toting, sword swinging, competitive, small-breasted, pigtail haired good looks named Aria H. Kanzaki violently drags him again in! we all know that our hero can sidestep bombs and bullets, yet can he avoid Aria's call for that he turns into her slave? Or will she eventually stick to via on her threats to "blow him a brand new hole"?! discover right here during this action-packed quantity!

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