Avid Editing: A Guide for Beginning and Intermediate Users by Sam Kauffmann, Ashley Kennedy

By Sam Kauffmann, Ashley Kennedy

Far greater than only a software program handbook, Avid enhancing is your relied on advisor to uncovering the various layers of 1 of the world's most fun crafts. This e-book weaves precious modifying ideas including the powerful Avid workflow, delving deeply into effective enhancing strategies and ideas. In an easy-to-read type, you'll come across distinctive step by step directions for hundreds and hundreds of Avid techniques, and greater than 500 pictures and display captures make advanced options effortless to understand. You'll quickly start to be aware of the procedure out and in, all whereas enhancing your total enhancing process and skillset.

Geared towards starting and intermediate Avid editors, this e-book courses you thru either narrative and documentary enhancing tasks. The accompanying DVD offers professionally shot pictures so that you can edit, providing you with a hands-on, learn-as-you-go experience.

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3. You are probably in Brief View. Click on the tabs at the top of the bin to switch views. Switch to Text View. Switch to Frame View. Try Script View. Return to Brief View. 4. In the Dailies-Day 1 bin, double-click on the Clip icon for Kate’s Entrance—Wide Shot. The clip appears in the Source Monitor. You can also place clips in the Source Monitor by clicking and dragging the clip icon from the bin to the Source Monitor. 5. You can play the clip by selecting the Play button under the Source Monitor, but I suggest that you get into the habit of using the J–K–L keys on the keyboard.

Click once on the Dailies-Day 1 bin icon. It should open in the SuperBin. If you double-click on the bin icon, it will open, but it won’t go into the SuperBin. To get it to go into the SuperBin, you will have to double-click on the empty bin icon in the Project window (it is grayed to show that it has already been opened). 2. Click once on the Assembly bin icon. It will appear in the SuperBin, replacing the Dailies-Day 1 bin. In the Project window, click once more on the Dailies-Day 1 bin icon.

Now a single editor is often the entire post-production team! Today’s NLE editors are expected to be computer savvy while possessing video engineering skills. Often, an editor must set up, connect, and troubleshoot an incredible array of video decks, operating systems, audio drivers, and FireWire® cards. So, while it’s true that a computer can make an editor’s job easier and faster, it can also make the job longer and more difficult. An editor’s job has gotten more difficult and complex, but the rewards and satisfaction are greater as well.

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