Bad Boy Brawly Brown (Easy Rawlins Series #7) by Walter Mosley

By Walter Mosley

Effortless Rawlins is making an attempt to stick as faraway from crime and its results as a black guy can in 1964 L.A. yet hassle nonetheless unearths the way to his door. An outdated pal asks effortless to discover his stepson, Brawly Brown, a great child long past offended and lacking. Too quick effortless reveals himself driving with a innovative team out to struggle racism, dodging the police, who are looking to pin him for homicide, and seeking out the proper of solutions from the incorrect type of ladies. With little support from this global, effortless will get it from the next-from Mouse, his maximum pal and worst betrayal. yet whereas Mouse's legacy can help effortless keep younger Brawly's existence, it can fee him his personal.

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