Barrow of the Forgotten King (Dungeons & Dragons d20 3.5 by Ed Stark

By Ed Stark

Designed for second-level characters, this primary event in a three-part sequence is also run as a stand-alone event. It encompasses a new and interesting strive against come upon layout designed to make the Dungeon Master's task more uncomplicated.

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The sarcophagus also contains a scroll in a thick leather case. T h e scroll is written in D r a c o n i c a n d reads, "We who rest still long to serve. If you seek the same, take our goods and be blessed. " This final warning c a n be a n idle threat or one you work into your campaign based on the P C s ' actions. INNER VAULT Encounter Level 6 4 WARRIOR SKELETONS SETUP Once the PCs enter the room, anyone who succeeds on a DC 15 Listen check can hear the clink of Krootad's (K) armor as he walks slowly, and the murmuring of his unholy prayers to Hextor.

Medium Statues: 5 feet thick; A C 4 ; hardness 8 ; 9 0 0 hp; break D C 4 5 ; Climb D C 1 5 . It costs 2 squares of m o v e ment t o enter a square containing a statue, and a creature can't end its movement in a statue's square without climbing onto the statue. If broken, a statue fills its square with dense rubble (see below). Dense Rubble: S q u a r e s containing dense rubble cost 2 squares or movement to enter. Dense rubble increases the D C of B a l a n c e and Tumble checks by 5 , and it imposes a -2 penalty on Move Silently checks.

A creature that fails the check begins to suffocate. In the first round after a failed check, the victim falls unconscious (0 hit points). In the following round, the victim drops to - 1 hit points and is dying. In the third round, the victim suffocates and dies. CONCLUSION Circumstances in this encounter favor the lurking strangler, so award the PCs experience points as if they had defeated a CR 3 monster if they kill or defeat the aberration. FEATURES OF THE A R E A T h e a r e a has the following features.

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