Beginning Java Objects by Jacquie Barker

By Jacquie Barker

Export writer Barker covers info key for skillability with an OO programming language like Java, and indicates tips on how to really create reusable code and extensible applications.

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Escape Sequences We use escape sequences to insert special characters in a String expression to be printed. An escape sequence consists of a backslash (\) followed by one of several predefined characters: 0 To insert a tab character in a String literal, use \t: This produces as output: DOG CAT BIRD RAT FISH where each word is separated from the next by a tab character. 0 To insert a hard return in the middle of a String literal, use \n: This produces as output: One sentence. Another sentence. on two separate lines.

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For (int i = 1; i <= 4; i++) { II Compound statement to be executed. println(i); sum = sum + i; Note that you can either declare the iterator variable (i, in the above examples) inside of the 'for' clause or outside and before the 'for' clause, depending on whether or not you want the scope of that variable to persist after the loop: II Declare j before the loop begins. int j; for ( j = 1; j <= 4; j ++) do something with j! { II pseudocode II The loop has ended, and j still exists as far as the compiler is concerned!

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