Beginning Perl by Simon Cozens

By Simon Cozens

Perl is an immensely renowned scripting language that mixes the simplest positive factors of C, key UNIX utilities and a strong use of standard expressions. It has quite a lot of makes use of past basic textual content processing and is often used for net programming - developing and parsing CGI types, validating HTML syntax and links - in addition to electronic mail and Usenet information filtering. Perl is more and more the procedure administrator's scripting language of selection and is used for dossier and listing manipulation, database entry and a complete diversity of day-by-day method operator chores.

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Beginning of configuration questions for perl5. There will now be a considerable amount of text scrolling up the screen, which shouldn't stop until the following appears: ... Now you must run a make. sh file from this object directory to the new one before you run Configure -- this will help you with most of the policy defaults. 7 Introduction So, we do what the program says, and we run make. /miniperl -Ilib -e 'use AutoSplit; \ ... The build process itself will take the longest of all the steps.

If you want to write a program to, say, remove useless files from your computer, you need to be able to explain how to determine whether a file is useless or not. You need to examine and break down your own mental processes when carrying out the task for yourself: Should you delete a file that hasn't been accessed for a long time? How long, precisely? Do you delete it immediately, or do you examine it? If you examine it, how much of it? And what are you examining it for? The first step in programming is to stop thinking in terms of 'I want a program that removes useless files,' but instead thinking 'I want a program that looks at each file on the computer in turn and deletes the file if it is over six months old and if the first five lines do not contain any of the words 'Simon', 'Perl' or 'important'.

33 Chapter 1 Decimal is base 10, and hexagons have six sides, so this system is base 16. As you might have guessed from the number 1F18 above, digits above 9 are represented by letters, so A is 10, B is 11, and so on, all the way through to F which is 15. We then carry one and start with 10 (which, in decimal, is 16) all the way up through 19, 1A, 1B, 1C, 1D, 1E, 1F, and carry one again to get 20 (which in decimal is 32). The magic number 255, the maximum number we can store in one byte, is FF.

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