Bella Mafia by Lynda La Plante

By Lynda La Plante

Don Roberto Luciano turns informer for the most important Mafia trial in heritage, yet his relatives will pay a negative cost. the pinnacle of the relations, his 3 sons, his grandsons and his nephew are all killed leaving the 5 widows to reclaim their inheritance from a deadly Mafioso.

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Maybe we should talk about this with Papa. " With a grateful look, Graziella excused herself and left her sons together. Constantino walked slowly to the great stone fireplace and leaned against the mantel. Filippo shrugged. "So what was all that about? The way she acted I thought she wanted to talk to us—" Constantino gave his brother a guarded look. "Emilio, you wanna do me a favor? My cigars, I left 'em in my room. " The young groom knew he was being asked to leave the brothers alone, and he obeyed without question.

Aunt Sophia . . " Rosa Luciano rushed into the room. "Can I see my dress? " Sophia moved quickly away from the window. "Can you wait until it's pressed? I want you to see it at its best. . You know, Rosa, you have grown into a beauty. " Rosa beamed, then tossed her head. "Maybe you should wait until later, when the creases are out of me. We were delayed hours at the airport, and then Mama and Papa argued all the way because Papa insisted on driving, so Mama nearly had heart failure—" Sophia kissed Rosa's lips.

Emanuel's nerves were beginning to show. " Luciano closed his eyes and thought for a moment, then leaned forward and spoke softly. "Paul Castellano, head of the Gambino family, and his driver, Thomas Bilotti, were shot to death in front of Sparks Steak House in New York. Neither man was carrying a gun. There was no backup team to protect Castellano. Yet until that moment he had always been protected, insulated by his men. He was losing sight, not comprehending anymore the world in which he had been raised.

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