Beware! by Richard Laymon

By Richard Laymon

The grocery store do not have been close. It wasn't basic for Elsie to give up early, or for the protect puppy to finish up like hamburger meat, or for Elsie herself to add at the butcher's slab, smartly wrapped and jointed. citizens of Oasis, like hotshot reporter Lacey Allen had greater pay attention!

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At first, it felt like lava running down her open flesh. Then it wasn’t so bad. After a sip of wine, she lathered herself with soap and rinsed. She picked up her wineglass again, and lay back. Head propped against the rear of the tub, she sipped the wine. It felt warm and good going down. Holding the glass in one hand, she reached down with the other, down through the hot water between her open legs. Tenderly, she fingered herself. He must’ve chewed her there, too. Filthy bastard! At least he didn’t kill me—another silver lining?

Oh boy,” he whispered. ” He glanced up at Lacey, then looked back at his arm. “Oh boy,” he mumbled. “I’ll get help,” she said. Keeping the shotgun ready, she ran for the front. Elsie, she knew, kept a phone on a shelf behind the cash register. Should she go for that, or… She was tackled from behind. She hit the floor flat-out and hard. The wind burst from her lungs. She tried to push herself up, but a weight on her rump and legs held her down. Her collar jerked back, choking her. Then something struck the side of her head.

And nothing else. Her thick, blonde hair hung past her shoulders. Her skin glistened as if rubbed with oil. Dukane couldn’t take his eyes off her. She was sixfootone of the most stunning woman he had ever seen. The chanting stopped as she walked among her congregation. “The river flows,” she said. ” “Its water is the water of life,” she said. ” “I,” answered the chorus. Dukane spotted Alice. She looked ecstatic. Laveda drew out her dagger. Standing near the fire, she raised it high and slowly turned in a circle.

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