Big City, Bad Blood: A Novel by Sean Chercover

By Sean Chercover

A disappointed newspaper reporter became inner most detective, Ray Dudgeon isn't really attempting to keep the realm. He simply desires to do a good activity, and do it good. but if doing a good activity threatens society's strongest and corrupt, Ray's odds for survival make for a sucker's guess. . . . whereas engaged on a film in Chicago, Hollywood destinations supervisor Bob Loniski observed anything he wouldn't have. Now he is a prosecution witness opposed to a suspected member of the Chicago Outfit. Petrified, he involves Ray for cover. Ray's mob contacts insist that they've no real interest in Loniski, so he's taking the bodyguard gig. Then humans commence demise and every little thing is going to hell. Ray's research results in a stash of blackmail records regarding the intercourse exchange, Washington political corruption, and a dangerous strength fight between Chicago's equipped crime bosses—setting the FBI, the Chicago police, and the mob on his tail. He now holds facts opposed to top-ranking police officers and politicians . . . yet with the road among reliable and undesirable blurring, he does not recognize who he can belief. If he does the fitting factor, Ray is certain to die. but when he does not, how can he reside with himself? From the again alleys of Chicago to the man-sions of Beverly Hills to the corridors of energy in Washington, D.C., Sean Chercover's titanic urban, undesirable Blood propels readers relentlessly ahead on a bullet-fast, adrenaline-pumping journey they won't quickly disregard.

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