Blindside by J. R. Carroll

By J. R. Carroll

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Homosexual activity in front of the girls. That part knocked me for a loop, even though I have noticed in the past how his sexual orientation becomes increasingly blurred when he’s loaded. qxd 19/11/03 11:55 AM Page 33 BLINDSIDE 33 I always dismissed these tendencies as a natural product of his precious education. How naïve I have been. So, anyway . . I confronted him with this knowledge, and do you know what he said? “Bit late in the day to start bitching now, isn’t it? ” Stay out of my personal affairs!

So where in the blue fuck . . He found himself rushing like a madman from tree to tree, looking for a red spike that didn’t exist. Couldn’t have been removed—it had been slammed in good and deep with a sledgehammer. Then a devastating thought came to him: what if the tree had grown over the spike, completely concealing it? Was that possible in the time? Surely not . . and yet—where was the fucking thing? Now he had to grasp his throat to stop himself from screaming. He decided to get his act together by sitting on the forest floor and smoking a cigarette.

He brushed his thumb across the nipple and watched her eyes flicker. ’ She could see his cock had risen sharply under the sheet. First she felt and rubbed it through the slinky material, getting him good and fired up, then slowly drew back the sheet. Maintaining eye contact with him all the way, she lowered her head, licked her lips and opened her mouth . . Late next day, and Shaun ventured out for some air. qxd 60 19/11/03 11:55 AM Page 60 J. R. CARROLL sudden, wild bouts of sex. It was insane and sublime.

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