Body language and the first line manager by Eunice Lawton

By Eunice Lawton

Physique language can account for 70% of the message humans supply out. geared toward first line administration, this e-book examines simple physique language, the impression that physique language may have at paintings, and the way we have to make sure that we're giving out the fitting non-verbal messages in numerous administration events. sensible counsel are supplied on easy methods to increase communique and interplay by utilizing acceptable physique language.

  • Aids self improvement, photograph and the certainty of others
  • Improves functionality at work

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The steepled hands are usually raised while they are talking and lowered while they are listening. Palm gripping behind the back is a confident position. This is a sign they are not afraid of anything as it leaves their front exposed and vulnerable to attack. By adopting this position you can appear confident and in control. If the hands are clasped behind the head instead of the back, this also shows a dominant or superior position. Open palms are generally considered a positive nonverbal message.

Body Language and the First Line Manager Hands There are many hand gestures used throughout the world which can have different meanings in different countries. The hands need to be interpreted with other signals as they may not give you the full picture on their own. We move our hands around without giving consideration to what they reveal. Hands can be steepled to show superiority. This is often used in certain professions where it is used to convey a superior position or knowledge in relation to the other person, for example, the teacher/student or the doctor/patient.

Be sure to look around the whole audience rather than just those at the front or in the middle. Do not avoid making eye contact with members of the audience who appear to be uninterested or hostile, include them as well so that they feel involved. Your eye contact needs to be gentle and relaxed; avoid staring at people as this will come across as hostile. Match the needs of the audience: You will need to establish a rapport with your audience, which again comes down to research. Establish the reason for your presentation so that it will be appropriate to the needs of the audience.

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