Borderliners by Peter Høeg

By Peter Høeg

Nationwide Bestseller Strange issues are taking place at Biehl's Academy whilst this elite institution opens its doorways to a bunch of orphans and reform-school rejects, teenagers on the finish of the system's tether. however the university is administered via a unusual algorithm through which each minute is regimented and regulated. the kids quickly suspect that they're guinea pigs in a strange social scan, and that their simply desire of break out is to wreck via a deadly threshold of time and house. Peter H?eg's "brilliant" and dystopian Borderliners is a "uniquely philosophical mystery" (Boston Sunday Globe) and a haunting tale of early life travail and wish.

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Which is why there was no understanding why they let in August. It was like a sign. Why did they take him? It was hard enough to understand it with a character like Carsten Sutton. Or me, who was just of average intelligence or a bit below, and on a scholarship, and who was starting to arrive very late, even though they did not yet know how bad things had become. But that they took August was inexplicable. When they had the waiting lists and had no need to keep anyone. Why did they take someone like him?

But the fear. Later it became clear that this reticence was part of the more far-reaching plan. And then I understood. We stood utterly still during assembly. That was the first thing I tried to get through to her. At a certain time every day you were let into the assembly hall, 240 people with 26 teachers and Biehl, and then the doors were shut, and you knew that from this moment for the next quarter of an hour you had to stay completely still. The prohibition was total, giving rise therefore to a certain tension in the room.

Apart from the bit about sleep and about concentrating, there are also other things that have not been mentioned to anyone. Whole days that disappear, and fleeting moments that become like an eternity.? Tell me about it,? she said. Now, not that I wanted to deny anything, but whoever had written that letter, I said, was definitely taking a big risk, admitting to being so ill. What do you suppose we could do to reduce this risk? Might he perhaps receive some information in return? I am conducting an experiment,?

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