British As A Second Language by David Bennun

By David Bennun

David Bennun had lived in Africa his complete lifestyles. on the age of 18 he got here to Britain, the mummy nation. the rustic he had examine in Punch journal or noticeable in movies like Chariots of Fire. He used to be in for a surprise. a really monstrous surprise certainly: 'I couldn't were much less ready had I spent my lifestyles as much as that time hearing 30-year-old pronounces of the Light Programme.'

In this well timed follow-up to the significantly acclaimed Tick chunk Fever, David Bennun exhibits us our personal kingdom in the course of the eyes of an alien. together with his brilliantly witty flip of word we persist with his lifestyles as a pupil, his brushes with Bohemia, his problems renting and purchasing estate, his discovery of British foodstuff and his horrors at coming into the realm of labor. From DIY to structure, recreation to alcohol, delivery to track and leisure, David Bennun brilliantly and with ruthless wit deconstructs most of these matters, lots of them so expensive to the British center.

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From DIY to architecture, sport to alcohol, transport to music and entertainment, David Bennun brilliantly and with ruthless wit deconstructs all these subjects, many of them so dear to the British heart. ACKNOWLEDGEMENTS More people deserve thanks from me than space will allow or this book can justify. I trust that they know who they are, and how much I appreciate their help and support. It would be remiss not to single out Jon Wilde, Ben Marshall and Andrew Mueller, mainly for their encouragement, but also to deflect blame from myself.

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