Bushwhacked by Molly Ivins

By Molly Ivins

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Left for Washington. He left us with tax breaks for the rich that make it impossible for government to provide basic services for working people. With bills written by energy lobbyists working the cash-and-carry model of government perfected here in Texas. He eliminated the most basic workplace protections. Those of us who knew the president when he was governor of a low-tax, low-service, no-regulation state are very seriously not amazed by what he has done in Washington. ” Texas has a lot of things suitable for export.

They believe the free market can solve all problems, that government is generally bad, that we should privatize everything we possibly can, that there is no such thing as global warming, that the environment is unimportant, and that worker safety will be protected by benign employers. We have seen a serious degradation of civil liberties matched by an equally remarkable increase in property rights. And in the middle of all this came that tragic spanner-in-the-works, September 11. All this abstract, ideological, the-free-market-is-God, Ayn Rand piffle is doing cruel things to real people.

Then in August we went to Washington. We had a big rally. Then we visited every member of Congress. We didn’t send people to meet with just their own congressman. They went into every office. ’ Within a week, Congress passed a bill. “Bush vetoed it,” Dodds said. ” To be fair, President Bush I didn’t veto the bill. He actually signed it before leaving for vacation and then he refused to sign the emergency funding provision to provide the money for worker benefits. It was a shiftier “Texas Sidestep” than the one the governor dances in The Best Little Whorehouse in Texas.

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