California Geometry: Concepts, Skills, and Problem Solving by Cindy J. Boyd

By Cindy J. Boyd

Unit 1: Geometric constitution. Unit 2: Congruence. Unit three: Similarity. Unit four: Two-and Three-Eimensional dimension. criteria evaluation. 846 pages.

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Write a formula for the number of angles formed by n noncollinear rays with a common endpoint. 45. REASONING How would you compare the sizes of ∠P and ∠Q? Explain. 46. Writing in Math Refer to page 31. Describe the size of a degree. Include how to find degree measure with a protractor. P Q Lesson 1-4 Angle Measure 37 47. Dominic is using a straightedge and compass to do the construction shown below. 48. REVIEW Which coordinate points represent the x- and y-intercepts of the graph below? Y  / X !

2. If point H lies in both Q and R, where would it lie? Draw point H on your model. 3. Draw a sketch of your model on paper. Label all points, lines, and planes. 8 Chapter 1 Tools of Geometry Example 1 (p. 7) Use the figure at the right to name each of the following. 1. a line containing point B r A 2. a plane containing points D and C Example 2 (p. 7) Example 3 (pp. 7–8) B p E D F C Name the geometric term modeled by each object. 3. the beam from a laser 4. a ceiling R q Draw and label a figure for each relationship.

In some cities, more than two streets might intersect to form even more angles. All of these angles are related in special ways. Pairs of Angles Certain pairs of angles have special names. New Vocabulary adjacent angles vertical angles linear pair complementary angles supplementary angles perpendicular Angle Pairs Adjacent angles are two angles that lie in the same plane, have a common vertex and a common side, but no common interior points. Examples Nonexamples ∠ABC and ∠CBD ∠ABC and ∠ABD ∠ABC and ∠BCD Words C D A A C C C D D D B B A B B A shared interior no common vertex Vertical angles are two nonadjacent angles formed by two intersecting lines.

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