California Girl by T. Jefferson Parker

By T. Jefferson Parker

The Orange County, California, that the Becker brothers knew as boys isn't any more—unrecognizably altered because the afternoon in 1954 while Nick, Clay, David, and Andy rumbled with the lowlife Vonns, whereas five-year-old Janelle Vonn watched from the sidelines. the hot decade has ushered within the period of Johnson, hippies, John Birchers, and LSD. Clay turns into a casualty of a distant jungle struggle. Nick turns into a cop, Andy a reporter, David a minister. And a bad crime touches all of them in methods they can by no means have expected whilst the mutilated corpse of teenybopper good looks queen Janelle Vonn is came across in an deserted warehouse.

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He pulled the Corvette into the driveway and parked. The house had turned old suddenly, like a once-pretty aunt, as the tract homes grew up around it. The porch looked out of style and the slat construction seemed old-fashioned next to the stucco walls of the subdivision. A year ago groves of Valencias and a walnut orchard had surrounded the old house. Now Barrington Woods. David made no move to get out. Even the Submarine—waxed and polished as always—had become an eyesore amid the snappy new Ford wagons and Chevy sedans parked in driveways off the freshly poured streets.

Clay slugged Casey one more time and climbed off. Saw Ethan Vonn swing the short thick branch at Nick and his brother crumple like something dead and Lenny kicking him hard. Clay covered the distance fast and jumped Ethan the clubber from behind. They fell onto Nick and rolled off. Clay came up with the club and caught Lenny low. Lenny stumbled back, two disbelieving eyes wide open through the blood as Andy rocketed through the air and knocked him to the ground. Ethan struggled to his feet, turned, and labored up the berm.

When she held it for the first time Andy bit his lip and shot immediately. Almost cried with embarrassment but she held on to the shocking thing and laughed in a way that made him feel better. He kissed her everywhere while she shivered and shook. He had never imagined such wonderful, powerful tastes and smells. Like he’d wandered into a secret garden. A little later when she took him inside Andy could tell she was tense and afraid. But she was wet and eager too as she pulled him in hard and got it over with with a faint yelp.

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