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Rouse-Engineering. Hydraulics. Vennard & Street-E:lementary Fluid L)ynamics The following a r e published by Prentice Hall: NOTE: This chart has been constructed from test data obtained using the llqulds shown For applicability to other llqulds refer to the text Fig. 24 NPSH reduction for pumps handling hydrocarbon liquids a n d high t e m p e r a t u r e water. Binder-Fluid Mechanics. Albertson, Barton and Simons-Fluid Mechanics for Engineers Butterworth Publishers. 10 Tower Office Park Woburn, Ma.

2-13 through 2-16 I. I (For metric formulas see page 8-28) U ' Temperature affects the characteristics of a liquid. For most liquids an increase in temperature decreases viscosity, decreases specific gravity and increases volume (see page 1-6). Selected Formulas and Equivalents General information on liquids A Specific Weight a s used in this discussion, is the weight in lb per cu ft. 3208 lb per cu ft. For other temperatures proper specific weight values should be used (see page 4-4).

T mercury at 32F (OC) Water at 68F (20C) Courtesy of Crane Co.. 310 Note-gpm and gal per 24 hr glven to the nearest whole number The value 7 48 gallons equals 1 cu ft is used In calculattng above table 2- 7 INGERSOLLRAND CAMERON HYDRAULIC DATA FLOW THROUGH ORIFICES AND NOZZLES Approximate discharge through orifice or nozzle. 3 d, Q = flow, in gpm d , = dia of orifice or nozzle opening, inches h = differential head at orifice, in feet of liquid. d, = dia of pipe in which orifice is placed, inches .

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