Carbon-13 NMR Spectroscopy by J.B. STOTHERS (Eds.)


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R. ) the Fourier transform of the time-averaged transient signals obtained with proton noise decoupling. Their experiment was carried out under complete computer control with automatic displacement of the spectra to create a three-dimensional diagram, from which the τ value at which Μ τ = 0 is readily found for each carbon in the molecule. 4 sec, is found for the methyl carbon. For C-3, Tx = 15 sec, //. Indirect Detection ofl3C Resonances 45 and 7\ = 22 ± 1 sec for the remaining carbons. It may be noted that the assignments for C-3 and C-5 were based on their different Tx values, assuming that 7\ for C-3 is shorter because of the neighboring alkyl group.

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