Cat Pay the Devil by Shirley Rousseau Murphy

By Shirley Rousseau Murphy

"Wilma's at risk! you think that i'll take a seat right here sprucing my claws?" while she first hears the inside track that convict Cage Jones has escaped from felony, Dulcie's fur stands on finish. She is aware he is after her human significant other, Wilma, whom he blames for his stint in penal complex. She attempts to enlist the aid of her pal Joe gray, however the tomcat's acquired his paws complete investigating neighborhood murders. it is just whilst Wilma disappears after a day buying trip—and Cage is located lurking at her house—that Joe realizes the 2 crimes can be extra attached than he inspiration. Paw in hand with the unsuspecting law enforcement officials, the glorious pussycats needs to untangle Cage's devilish schedule and snare a killer in the event that they ever are looking to curl up with their buddy back and convey peace to their beach village.

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And she had no occasion to wear such an elegant dress. But it would look smashing on Charlie. Wilma and her redheaded niece wore the same size, and she knew the cut was right. This, she thought with excitement, was the perfect Christmas present—even if Charlie, like Wilma herself, lived most of the time in jeans, sweatshirts, and boots. A police chief’s wife didn’t have much occasion to dress in fancy clothes, nor did Charlie have the desire to do so. But when Charlie’s new book came out, she might need just 40 Shirley Rousseau Murphy such an elegant gown for a gallery opening and book signing.

Joe woke up, alarmed, leaped from the desk, and peered around the door, up the hall. Mabel Farthy never lost her cool, the amply built older blonde was totally in control in any emergency as she juggled radio, phones, fax, computers, and officers milling around her counter. But not so now. Her voice shook and she was swearing. She stood gripping the chief’s arm, upset indeed, as, from the shadows of the hall, Joe listened to Dulcie’s frightened voice on the phone and tried to play catchup, his every muscle tense with alarm.

Punching the speaker button, then the one for Wilma’s cell phone, she recorded a few listless words. The effort seemed useless, she’d already jammed Wilma’s cell phone with messages. Shouldering quickly out through her cat door again, then through Wilma’s wildly blooming garden, she leaped once more to the rooftops and raced through waves of rising heat across the hot shingles and tiles, straight to Joe Grey and Kit. Above her, the sky was deepening into evening, the gleam of the low, slanting sun glancing golden across the roofs ahead of her.

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