CGI Filmmaking: The Creation of Ghost Warrior by Timothy Albee

By Timothy Albee

"One individual, pcs, six months … twenty-two mins"

Part "art-of," half "how-to," CGI Filmmaking: The production of Ghost Warrior explores how one artist created a feature-quality, 22-minute lively movie in six months of creation. the new developments in strong, but competitively priced courses for 3D animation and compositing make such an project attainable. This booklet blazes a path for others to keep on with in crafting a whole lively movie. From suggestion, layout, scripting, and storyboarding to modeling, lighting fixtures, animating, modifying, and distribution, each step is printed, each resolution is documented. Pre-visualization, voice casting and recording, song composition and function, and post-processing are mentioned to boot, allowing even a lone filmmaker to convey his or her dream to existence.

This publication: * comprises the entire script and ultimate shot checklist for Kaze, Ghost Warrior, besides creation and site stills * deals specified dialogue of the complete means of growing an lively movie, from developing the idea that to proposing the completed movie to an viewers * Explores the most recent expertise for modeling, animating, compositing, modifying, and sound layout * offers an entire map for crafting an lively movie

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KAZE (CONT'D) What is it? Are you jealous? Does another's contentment somehow detract from your own feelings of self-worth? KAZE (CONT'D) (sadly) You are going to die tonight. You are going to die the special death. The LEAD TROUBLEMAKER takes a step backward, but KAZE'S hand is around his throat, lifting him from the ground. 47 Chapter 5 ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ KAZE (CONT'D) It never used to be this way. But people like you ask me to do this. And you keep forcing me back into this!

KAZE gestures to the fallen men who litter the clearing. KAZE (CONT'D) Do you see how many deaths you've asked for tonight? The LEAD TROUBLEMAKER, taking advantage of what he thinks is KAZE lowering his guard, brings his sword down in a quick arc. KAZE steps into him, and with a quick twist of his hands, frees the sword from the other's grasp. KAZE (CONT'D) How many more are there? KAZE throws the blade to the edge of the clearing. TROUBLEMAKER stands uncertainly. The LEAD KAZE (CONT'D) How many, that your fear and insecurity about yourself have caused the severance from this gift of life?

Full, long shot (similar lighting to opener). Crane, push-in from high (no Dutching). DISSOLVE TO: sq02 sc02: INT. Tavern. High wide shot, continuing camera movement from previous shot. ") sq02 sc03: Dolly shot past tables, tracking Bartender. , and BG... (multiplane for depth-of-field). Troublemakers come into frame heckling couple. One whips out a knife (the tiger-blade, used later), holding it to someone's throat. Bartender snaps his attention to the fracas. sq02 sc04: Med. CU of Troublemakers hassling couple.

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