Circle of Darkness (AD&D Roleplaying, Ravenloft Adventure) by Scott Bittner

By Scott Bittner

Circle of Darkness is a perilous event for heroes keen to stand not just the darkish Lord of G'Henna, but in addition the larger evil which threatens to beat him. The destiny of a complete area is within the heroes' palms!

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Beyond the door lurks one of the greatest mistakes committed by the wizard who built this structure. During his early experiments with conjuring, rather than summoning a single creature, he conjured hundreds of larvae from the Grey Waste. With much effort, he successfully transferred them to this room, sacrificing his audience hall to the foul worms. If the heroes listen at the door, they will hear a weird crooning from within, underscored by something that sounds like hissing, whispering voices.

6. Watching Lyos s the heroes move toward the mongrelman camp, they are watched from the moment 1 they leave Zhukar. The mongrels are experts at camouflage and hidden movement, remaining unseen until they are ready to meet the heroes. After the heroes and the guides have identified and explained their mission to free Zhakata, the mongrelmen confer among themselves in a strange language of grunts, growls and low hoots. From the heated exchange, the heroes can tell that there is a problem of some kind.

Wahrg, for his part, doesn’t want to hurt the hero, a mongrelmen quietly explains. He simply wants to be sure that “the outsiders” are experienced fighters and can contribute to their crusade. However, the heroes catch a gleam in Wahrg’s that may indicate otherwise, as does the way his lip curls into a snarl when looking at one of the heroes. If the heroes make a favorable impression, the mongrelmen take them to their camp. If the heroes act rude or boorish, the mongrelmen lead them away from the camp and then hide, letting the heroes wander awhile and rethink their attitude.

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