Cold Wind (A Joe Pickett Novel) by C. J. Box

By C. J. Box

While Earl Alden is located lifeless, his spouse Missy is arrested. regrettably for Joe Pickett, Missy is his much-disliked mother-in- legislations. All indicators element to her being responsible as sin. yet then issues take place to make Joe ponder whether every little thing is because it turns out. He has the county DA and sheriff on one part, his spouse at the different, and a few robust pursuits respiring down his neck. Whichever means this is going, it is not going to be stable.

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Affirmative. ” “Okay, well, hold tight. We’re on the way. ” Joe bristled at the command. ” Silence. ” McLanahan asked, with the put-on Western drawl he’d adopted since moving west from Virginia ten years before. “Under no circumstances . ” Joe clicked the radio off and slipped it into the holder on his belt. McLanahan seemed to know something Joe didn’t, and he didn’t want to share what it was, which was typical of the sheriff. ” “Then let’s go. ” Joe asked, gesturing toward the tower. “I’ve been a turbine monkey half my adult life,” the man said.

Joe asked, gesturing toward the tower. “I’ve been a turbine monkey half my adult life,” the man said. The worker handed Joe a nylon harness. Joe fed his arms through it and pulled twin buckles up from between his legs and snapped them tight to receivers secured on his chest. The worker clipped a carabiner through a metal loop on Joe’s harness that supported a metal fall-arrest mechanism that hung by a steel cable. The man showed Joe how to fit the mechanism around the taut cable inside the tower that ran parallel to the ladder from the top of the tower all the way to the floor.

Halfway up, he stole a look down between his knees and the sensation of seeing the very distant sunlight from the open portal on the tower floor—it looked like a pinprick—made him swoon. He gripped the ladder hard and hugged it. His boot soles rattled on the rungs and he breathed hard, in and out, in and out, until his fear eased. There was a step-out within sight, and he climbed the next three feet to get to it, which was the hardest thing he’d done yet. For a moment he couldn’t feel his legs, as he swung them one after the other to the grated metal plate.

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