Conspiracies-PF by Hammok Lee

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In return for this slight the Illuminati arranged World War I and the Russian Revolution of 1917 to punish Russia. The Illuminati plan to start World War III soon, having pushed their plans back several decades to avoid the nuclear devastation such a conflict would have caused during the Cold War. Their plan calls for a war between Israel and its Arab neighbors, which will spread to the rest of the globe, trimming the world’s population down to five and a half billion. The conflict will only end when the Illuminati arranges for a peaceful resolution, and the resulting world government, brought about by using the horrors of the war to convince the world that separate nations only cause conflicts, will be completely controlled by the Illuminati.

If the agents go after the Priory de Scion in a violent manner, they are likely to run into Mina Delven, especially if they go after the Merovingian. Mina is still officially an officer of the law, having been transferred to special duty by Priory de Scion agents in the government, and conducts herself as one. She does not kill and only uses lethal force when called upon. If the Merovingian is threatened she responses violently, overreacting to such threats at times. , SZ/Hand D/1h, qualities: TKD), melee stun gun (dmg 5d4 electrical, error 1, threat 18–20, ammo 20, SZ/Hand D/1h, qualities: FIN); Gear: Antivenin shot (3 doses), encrypted tactical radio, liquid skin patch (3 patches); Vehicle: None; Qualities: Class ability (armor use I, evasion I, fortunes of war I, generous, the getaway, protect the package (Initiative/ Reflex saves, cover ID), take the hit I, watchful, you better think again (Will saves)), feat (CQB Basics, Dash, Lightning Reflexes, Observer, Quick Draw, Surge of Speed), henchman, inferior attribute (8 Cha), superior attribute (16 Dex, 12 Con, 13 Int, 16 Wis).

On the other hand, the Freemasons rely on Winston Pryce for infiltration missions against enemies of high-ranking Freemasons, and their removal if it is warranted. Winston Pryce has arranged more than one convenient accident for someone who has spoken out about Freemasonry. The agents are likely to get a visit from Winston Pryce if they become a bother to important Freemasons, particularly if they do so in Britain. In such cases, he is probably going to go after the agents using lethal force. If, instead, they have acquired evidence that may embarrass or hurt Freemasons, Winston Pryce will be sent to retrieve such incriminating facts before they can be revealed.

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