Constanze Mozart: after the Requiem by Heinz Gärtner

By Heinz Gärtner

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She was granted one-third of the 800 gulden which had been Mozart's yearly salary as an imperial chamber composer. Even more remarkable is that the pension was granted retroactively, to January 1, 1792. " A beggar's state? Quite clearly, Constanze was anxious to give the appearance of a poor, destitute widowa way to avoid any inheritance tax. In this she succeeded, though by the time the pension had been granted she seems to have had her affairs well in hand. It is true that right after her husband's death things looked far from rosy.

Furthermore, there was another, even greater source of potential trouble: Süssmayr was not only Mozart's pupil and assistant, but also a pupil and friend of Court Kapellmeister Antonio Salieri! We must turn our attention to Salieri. In the years to come, Constanze made him out to be an enemy, partly in order to divert attention from the Requiem. Ever since Mozart had moved from Salzburg to Vienna, one person seemed to block his way, professionally and sociallySalieri. We are reminded of the fable of the tortoise and the hare.

Pauly. p. cm. Translation of: Mozarts Requiem und die Geschäfte der Constanze M. Includes bibliographical references and index.  Mozart, Wolfgang Amadeus, 17561791.  626, D minor.  Mozart, Wolfgang Amadeus, 17561791.  ComposersAustria Biography.  Mozart, Constanze, 17631842.  Title.  . we witness a scene of incredible confusion, of complete chaos, at times of intentional obfuscation. It is a picture of malicious deception and forgery extending to everything related to Mozart's musical estate. Wilhelm Hitzig,describing the situation after Mozart's death.

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