Contemporary Britain: A Survey With Texts by John Oakland

By John Oakland

Contemporary Britain is the newest publication from the bestselling writer of British Civilization and American Civilization. it's a wide-ranging number of assets referring to each vital element of lifestyles in Britain at the present time, from nationwide identification to ethical panics and gives a correct picture of existence in Britain before everything of the twenty-first century.

Topics lined include:

* Britain's function in global affairs
* British nationwide identity
* constitutional reform inside of Britain
* social associations together with the NHS
* political parties
* Morality and religion.

Lively and obtainable Contemporary Britain is the basic better half for a person learning present British civilization.

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Contrary to the theory of a fixed and immutable Britain, these changes have not been limited to the surface of society but have reached its deeper structures. And they are still taking place. Exercises Write short essays on the following topics 1 Discuss the relevance of competing political, governmental, ideological and cultural forces to the notion of social change. How does society change? 2 What impressions of British society do you receive from the above texts? 3 Do you consider that Britain is still in decline?

The forces that shape our lives have become increasingly international, and choices have become increasingly individual. Yet in politics both trends have been ignored and power is concentrated at the level of the central nation-state. Successful individuals and institutions are innovative, adventurous, flexible, experimental, professional, open and accountable. Yet politics (and especially the House of Commons) has become a conspiracy to resist any change in its own structure… Meanwhile, as deference has declined, a more independent public and press has become less docile in the face of economic and political failure.

Where the left argues that Thatcherite economic policies of the 1980s led to unemployment and crime, the right, meanwhile, has pointed an accusing finger at ‘liberal’ educational and social policies of the 1960s, which it claims have undermined respect for law and order. Both sides recognise that the effects of policy may be very different from those intended. Society is not just a lump of clay to be given shape by the master hand of the policy-maker. Within it are interests and forces that have a life and will of their own and which, actively or passively, resist and deflect the might of the state, making its policies ineffective if not actually counterproductive.

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