Contemporary Erotic Cinema by Douglas Keesey

By Douglas Keesey

From Last Tango in Paris to American Pie to Brokeback Mountain—a examine greater than a hundred erotic movies, with in-depth research and fascinating behind-the-scenes anecdotes

The first booklet to examine actually modern erotic cinema, this book provides in-depth analyses of intercourse scenes from more than 100 motion pictures, greater than half them published within the twenty first century. starting with an summary of ways depictions of intercourse on display have replaced over the past forty years, with specific awareness to censorship controversies, the publication is split into 3 major parts—erotic genres, subject matters, and acts—and covers intercourse comedies, physique horror, alien intercourse, and erotic animation; homosexual, lesbian, bisexual, and trans motion pictures, video clips approximately formative years, marriage, and infidelity; motion pictures facing incest, blasphemy, and demise; on-screen nudity and voyeurism, masturbation, oral and anal intercourse, the ménage à trois, and the orgy; and bestiality, rape and sadomasochism. the flicks mentioned comprise 9 Songs, undesirable schooling, Black Swan, Intimacy, final Tango in Paris, The Reader, The Wayward Cloud, Y Tu Mamá También and lots of extra.

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