Corsairs of the Great Sea by Nicky Rea

By Nicky Rea

CONTENTS: * a gorgeous poster map of the Corsair domain names and Zakhara's northern beaches. * Six full-color cardstock sheets containing maps and participant aids. * An 8-page publication jam-packed with new monsters, together with the scary ghul-kin. * A 32-page sourcebook detailing the wily pirates of Hawa and their maximum enemies, the stalwart mamluks of Qudra, plus numerous new magical goods. * A 64-page event publication featuring a superb array of stories set in or close to the Corsair domain names.

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31 The speaker is a zin, a spirit snake that dwells at the bottom of rivers and lakes. Zin are pranksters, and this one has decided to have some fun at the party’s expense. Depending on the PCs’ response to his demand, he will continue casting spells to befuddle and tease the party or will fetch his brethren (all five of them) to teach them a real lesson (if the characters are aggressive, destructive, or just plain bad-mannered). Continuing to use his ventriloquism, Zthyz will demand that the party pay, and generously, for whatever they take—or he, a guardian servant of the noble marids, will be forced to transport them all to the Elemental Plane of Water where they will face the wrath of the Great Padisha!

Sea elves and pahari may make themselves known to the ship in order to exchange news or to trade, but Chaos Bay is free of any monsters. Should the party choose to sail to the northern side of the island, they may encounter a pahari colony, but again there are no threatening encounters. The Island of Gardens D espite its name, the island has abundant foliage and flowers only along its coasts. The island rises from slightly above sea level along its eastern and southeastern face to a towering cliff about 2,500 feet high.

This will, of course, attract a good deal of attention; worse yet, the search may even turn up any maps they’ve made. The tax assessor can also rent them a spot in the market where they can trade or sell their goods and can recommend a few inns where they might want to stay. Any of the inns he recommends are pretty much the same. All are owned by Jayani, and all play host to one or two of her spies who are more than anxious to meet strangers and find out what they are doing in Hawa. The Inn of the Whispering Palms is the most lavish and has the best food, but the Inn of the Golden Dome, the Inn of the Billowing Sails, and the Inn of the Purple Turban are all clean and well appointed, with good food.

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