Crucible: The Trial of Cyric the Mad (Forgotten Realms: The by Troy Denning

By Troy Denning

This name is the ultimate in a chain of recovers of the preferred Avatar sequence. on the time of its unique free up, this sequence offered key occasions that impacted the complete Forgotten geographical regions world, and the results of these occasions are nonetheless felt in present novels. This re-released sequence encompasses a cohesive conceal layout and all-new paintings and was once written by means of New York Times best-selling writer Troy Denning.

Cyric the Mad

Who betrayed his buddies middle of the night and Kelemvor and sought to ruin them.

Who ascended to godhood and now spreads his lies and intrigues into each nook of Faerun.

Who is the Lord of homicide, the Prince of Lies--and insane.

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However, the ceremonial garb is light-weight, designed for fashion rather than protection. The AC of ceremonial scale mail is 6 instead of 4. Loviatar maintains a small but tightly organized clergy composed primarily of clerics. Her specialty priests, called pains, operate as a separate arm of the faith, moving from place to place and ensuring that the goddess’s will is carried out. The clerics hold the pains in great regard, since they are often the tools of Loviatar’s punishment. If an organized temple or shrine of Loviatar is present in a city, clerics make up the bulk of the organization, but 1-3 pains will also be available.

The priest may affect one person per level of the priests’ experience, once per day. The berserker rage lasts a full 10 rounds. If the recipient runs out of enemies to fight, he 32 must either attack the closest living target in the area (even a friend) or suffer five points of damage for each of the remaining rounds. This is a conscious choice of the berserk character. • At initiation, the specialty priest of Tempus chooses a particular weapon as his chosen weapon. This is not a weapon type (such as “all flails”) but one specific weapon (such as “this flail that I’m holding right now”).

This does not apply to clerics, though the prejudice within the church hierarchy against those who are marred is very strong. • Elves and half-elves may become specialty priests of Sune, though these in- Sunites are called priests regardless of their status as specialty priests or clerics. Their leader is a high priest or priestess, regardless of level. Organization is loose and informal, so a high priestess can easily abdicate her position for adventuring (or a good party) without creating much scandal in clerical circles.

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