Crusade (Forgotten Realms: The Empires Trilogy, Book 3) by James Lowder

By James Lowder

Deciding upon up from the place Dragonwall left off, the booklet sheds mild at the Cormyrean king, masterminding after which major the campaign within the safety of the total continent following the invasion of jap Faerun, Ashanath, Rashemen, and Thesk, via Khahan Yamun and the Tuigan horsemen.

Whereas Horselords appears on the tale from the perspective of Koja and the Tuigan, and Dragonwall seems on the continuation of a similar tale from the viewpoint of normal Batu and the Shou Lung, campaign is written from King Azoun's and as a result the West's perspective.

In addition, there are parallel tales operating: the king's family with Alusair, his estranged daughter, and the adventures of John Razor, a fletcher from Suzail, as he is taking half within the campaign.

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