Dawn of Night (Forgotten Realms: The Erevis Cale Trilogy, by Paul S. Kemp

By Paul S. Kemp

The shadows recede from a misplaced temple in a forgotten wilderness.

The sunlight rises on a brand new calling for a guy as dependable as he's mysterious.

The day's starting reveals Erevis Cale preserving in his regular fingers extra energy than he dared desire for - and extra accountability than he ever imagined.

For now, he'll need to positioned his belief in a god served via theives and born of chaos.

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LEVEL 5: THE MAZE LEVEL The Maze Level has ties to the drow of House Tanor’Thal and the lucrative slave trade that drives it. Drow patrols seek to capture any adventurers alive for use as slaves. Adventurers exploring this level should also beware of umber hulks, Halster’s Maze of Madness with its ravenous minotaurs and magic traps, and the dwarves of Murkstones (an old Melairkyn hold they have greatly expanded). This level features in Chapter 5 of this book, and some details of the dwarf market appear later in this chapter (see page 36).

Time and again, their family and friends hire adventurers in the forlorn hope of determining the fate of those who never returned. A patron can call upon the PCs to find a lost one, recover an item, or to discover the cause and meaning of Halaster’s vision. You can even have a patron receive the vision instead of the PCs; this patron then hires the PCs to accompany him or her into the depths to fulfill the vision’s promise and relentless call. A successful DC 20 Knowledge (arcana) check reveals the ring to be one of Halaster’s infamous horned rings (new item; see page 218).

She is a fat, huge-shouldered, heavyset woman as his personal agents. Today, they are a vigilante group active who is jovial, bustling, and brisk. She has served at the inn in the city’s poorer neighborhoods, particularly Dock Ward. for years and knows everyone. She doesn’t mind a little slapThey excel at intrigue, hiding people, and finding people who and-tickle, but she can throw armored warriors around the do not want to be found. Current membership in the Sashes common room if any of them get too fresh.

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