Dawnbringer (Forgotten Realms) by Samantha Henderson

By Samantha Henderson

Conflict the forces of darkness within the Forgotten Realms®

Two angels given mortal flesh are despatched to protect star-crossed fanatics, born scions of rival service provider homes. initially, it appears as if love will triumph over all, and the rift will ultimately be mended. yet there are those that hate the be aware peace with a fondness quite a bit that it poisons every little thing they contact, corrupting residence to show opposed to apartment, mom to show opposed to baby, and angel to show opposed to angel.

Dawnbringer is the ideal meld among vintage and modern fable, with colors of Romeo and Juliet, instructed from the point of view of dad or mum angels, in a global the place sorcery and monsters are usual.

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Our wagons rumbled through the crowded streets, gathering curious or suspicious glances from the dark-haired Thayans who lived there. We rumbled up the trail and an uncertain dread came over me. We were actually entering Thay, one of the foulest citadels of evil this side of Zhentil Keep and the Underdark. What was going to happen to us? The town behind dwindled in the distance as we traveled up the escarpment. The road was broad but had neither shoulder nor railing; anyone who slipped or strayed too far would have a long fall and a nasty sudden stop at the end.

I believe “grakling” is some form of gnollish expletive, though I cannot know for certain). “There’s enough room for us all,” I replied. ” The flind looked puzzled and more than a little disappointed. After a tense few moments, it finally came to a decision and barked an order at the gnolls behind it, which had been growing restive and quarrelsome. To our relief, the gnoll column resumed its march down the road, passing us by with nothing more than hostile stares. —from Heino’s report Located at the shores of Lake Umber beneath the towering cliffs of the First Escarpment, Nethentir would be a peaceful fishing settlement save for its importance as the only large Thayan city in the area.

Mythrell’aa’s shopping list is extensive, including many exotic spell components, the parts of rare animals, scarce metals and substances, and even slaves of specific races, ages, and appearances. Those who refuse service to the wizardess’ representatives invariably suffer horrific consequences—dying of strange diseases, death in the night at the hands of otherworldly creatures, or sudden disappearance, sometimes later appearing as Mythrell’aa’s mindless slaves. The tower itself is crafted of a glossy black substance that seems resistant to all forms of force, including magical.

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