Demon Queen's Enclave: Adventure P2 for 4th Edition Dungeons by David Noonan, Chris Sims

By David Noonan, Chris Sims

A D&D experience for 14th-level characters. during this experience, the heroes needs to get to the bottom of the plots of the vile minions of Lolth, the notorious Demon Queen of Spiders. alongside the way in which, they will face off opposed to drow, demons, and worse! This experience may be run as a stand-alone event or as half of a three-part sequence of adventures (starting with P1 King of the Trollhaunt Warrens ) that spans 10 degrees of gameplay. Demon Queen's Enclave is a D&D event designed to take characters from 14th to seventeenth point.

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Indd 12 9/29/08 11:03:58 AM E N CO U N T E R L 5 : F U N G U S FA R M Tactics The chwidencha makes a scuttling charge against the closest adventurers, then makes claw attacks until it successfully grabs an opponent. It then attempts to leave the battlefield (making a Strength vs. Fortitude attack to move half its speed), making continued impaling claw attacks against the grabbed target along the way. Should the chwidencha’s target escape, it pursues that creature even if it means putting itself in danger.

AC; 3d6 + 6 damage and slide 2 squares. M Impaling Claws (standard; at-will) +16 vs. AC; 2d6 + 6 damage and grab (escape ends). M Scuttling Charge (standard; encounter) The chwidencha makes a charge attack. It can charge over difficult terrain with no penalty to movement. +14 vs. Fortitude; 4d10 + 6 damage. Alignment Chaotic evil Languages Common, Elven Skills Stealth +14 Str 22 (+12) Dex 17 (+9) Wis 16 (+9) Con 20 (+11) Int 3 (+2) Cha 6 (+4) Ring of Freedom of Movement: Gain a +2 item bonus to Acrobatics checks.

Alignment Unaligned Languages — Skills Stealth +16 Str 20 (+12) Dex 19 (+11) Wis 14 (+9) Con 24 (+14) Int 1 (+2) Cha 7 (+5) The bodies on the bunks are four merchants and six guards from the Seven-Pillared Hall in Thunderspire. Ambassador’s Desk and Cabinets: These hold a number of documents relating to the Mages of Saruun, as well as the names of a number of Underdark settlements where the order has a presence. A DC 23 Perception check turns up a schedule that suggests a trade caravan is to arrive at the outpost from the surface world shortly.

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