Dictionary of computing by S.M.H. Collin

By S.M.H. Collin

With over 10,000 entries offering modern insurance of computing phrases, this totally revised version of Dictionary of Computing offers assurance of the phrases utilized in computing, together with undefined, software program, programme languages, networks and purposes, e-commerce and the web. Its definitions are effortless to appreciate for readers with out a heritage in computing and to non-native English audio system. vitamins contain tables of codes and programming languages. every one access contains an instance sentence to teach how the time period is utilized in context, with quotations from magazines and newspapers to teach how phrases are utilized in genuine existence.

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Abbr ATD / e ti di / noun a standard comAPC mand for compatible modems used to dial asynchronous transfer mode /e a telephone number; defined by Hayes sŋkrənəs tr nsf məυd/ noun full Corporation. Full form attention, dial form of ATM ATE / e ti i / noun computer controlled asynchronous transmission /e testing facilities that can check a complex sŋkrənəs tr nz mʃ(ə)n/ noun data circuit or PCB for faults or problems. Full transmission that uses handshaking sigform automatic test equipment nals rather than clock signals to synchroAthlon XP / θlɒn eks pi / a trade nize data pulses name for a 32-bit processor, developed by AT / e ti / noun a trade name for a standAMD, that can run the same software as an ard of PC originally developed by IBM Intel Pentium processor that uses a 16-bit 80286 processor AT-keyboard /ət ki bɔ d/ noun a COMMENT: AT originally meant IBM’s Adstandard keyboard layout for IBM AT pervanced Technology personal computer, but is sonal computers, with 102 keys with a row now used to describe any IBM PC compatible of 12 function keys along the top that uses a 16-bit processor.

2. to make a copy of a file or data or disk ć The company accounts were backed up on disk as a protection against fire damage. backup / b k p/ noun 1. the providing of help ć We offer a free backup service to customers. 2. the process of making a copy of a file or data or disk as a security precaution 3. a copy of a file or data or disk made as a security precaution. fm Page 32 Friday, December 19, 2003 7:16 PM backup file 32 backup file / b k p fal/ noun a copy backwards search / b kwədz s tʃ/ noun a search for data in a word-processor of a file, made as a security precaution or database that begins at the position of backup path / b k p pɑ θ/ noun (in a the cursor or end of the file and searches to Token-Ring network) an alternative path the beginning of the file for a signal around a network avoiding a backwards supervision / b kwədz malfunctioning device su pə v (ə)n/ noun data transmission backup plan / b k p pl n/ noun a set controlled by the receiver of rules that take effect when normal operation has gone wrong ć The normal UPS BACS /b ks/ noun a system to transfer has gone wrong, so we will have to use our money between banks using computer backup plan to try and restore power.

Biased exponent / baəst k spəυnənt/ noun the value of the expobiased exponent nent in a floating point number bid /bd/ verb (of a computer ) to gain control of a network in order to transmit data ć The terminal had to bid three times before there was a gap in transmissions on the network. bi-directional bus / ba da rekʃ(ə)n(ə)l b s/ noun data or control lines that can carry signals travelling in two directions bi-directional printer / ba da rekʃ(ə)n(ə)l printə/ noun a printer that is able to print characters from left to right and from right to left as the head is moving forwards or backwards across the paper, speeding up the printing operation bi-directional transmission / ba da rekʃ(ə)n(ə)l tr nz mʃ(ə)n/ noun bid bi-directional bus bi-directional printer bi-directional transmission binary dump data transfer that can occur to and from a device along a particular channel Big Blue /b blu / noun same as IBM (informal ) bilinear filtering /ba lniə fltərŋ/ noun a method of removing unwanted image defects, particularly on a texturemapped object, by looking at the four adjacent pixels that surround each pixel to check that there is no sudden change in colour billion / bljən/ noun a number equal to one thousand million.

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