Dragons of Deceit (Advanced Dungeons & Dragons Dragonlance by Doug Niles

By Doug Niles

Beckoned through a mysterious customer, the heroes embark on a venture into the very center of the Dragon Highlords' realm. The ominous urban of Sanction, crouched in a slim valley among the effective volcanoes often called the Lords of Doom, holds the key of the great dragons' oath.

Unimaginable terrors look ahead to the get together as they seek the town, looking a key to the fiery lair of the Dragon Highlord and his evil minions. Can the heroes remedy the secret of the dragons' oath? Will they penetrate the deception of the darkish Queen in time to convey salvation to Krynn? Or will their valiant efforts be in vain?

"Dragons of Deceit" is the surprising end to the second one ebook of the epic DRAGONLANCE saga, to be used with the complicated DUNGEONS & DRAGONS video game approach. you could play this experience on its own or as a part of the grand quest that covers the full DRAGONLANCE tale.

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Towers d11. Guardroom d9. Pagan Altar The only room with any religious significance in the temple, this chamber contains a statue of a hideous god, looking much like a cross between an octopus and a spider. A low dais, stained brownish red, lies before the statue. This room is not used anymore. 39 Each of these dingy cages is a 10 foot x10 foot cube of stone and iron, not even a mat as furnishings for the inmates. There are four listless male prisoners in four separate cells (determine randomly).

In less than a day they reach Palanthus, covering an expanse of ocean that would require several weeks to cross by ship. The landing in Palanthus is dramatic to say the least. People run screaming from the sight of the mighty serpents and their riders. An armed force of Solamnic Knights gathers to confront the dragons and their riders as they land. They are puzzled and suspicious, but recognize that the colors of these new dragons are unlike any that have been seen with the Dragon Highlords’ armies.

If they do not explain this, the good dragons will imprison the party on the island, leaving them free to walk around, but unable to leave. Dragon Steeds If the good dragons join the war against evil, several of them offer themselves as steeds to the heroes. Of course, Silvart/Dargent will not ride a dragon; it is up to her player to decide if she will carry a hero on her back. Allow each player to roll on the following table to determine what type of dragon steed is offered to each PC. Dragon Steed Determination Table Die Roll Dragon Age and Color 1 - 12 13 - 20 21 - 27 28 - 37 38 - 46 47 - 54 55 - 63 64 - 71 72 - 75 76 - 83 84 - 89 90 - 91 92 - 95 96 - 98 99 - 00 Old Brass Very Old Brass Ancient Brass Old Bronze Very Old Bronze Ancient Bronze Old Copper Very Old Copper Ancient Copper Old Silver Very Old Silver Ancient Silver Old Gold Very Old Gold Ancient Gold Allow the player to roll a d8 to determine the size of the dragon as follows: 1-2 = small; 37 = medium; 8 = huge.

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