Dungeons and Dragons For Dummies by Bill Slavicsek

By Bill Slavicsek

Open the ebook and find:

  • Everything a brand new participant must start enjoying D&D

  • Details on 4 delusion races and 4 iconic classes

  • Explanations of each quantity and statistic at the personality sheet

  • The top magic goods and gear for characters of all classes

  • Advice on roleplaying and teamwork

  • A ready-to-use experience to get you begun as a Dungeon Master

  • A ready-to-use conflict grid with personality and monster markers

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Extra info for Dungeons and Dragons For Dummies

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Beginners should pick up the DUNGEONS & DRAGONS Roleplaying Game Starter Set, which includes the basic rules, dice, and many of the other components discussed in this section, all in one convenient box. If you want to progress beyond the basics, you need the three 4th Edition core books, all published by Wizards of the Coast, that make up the full D&D game: ߜ Player’s Handbook: Presents the rules of the game from the player’s point of view and provides details on creating characters, outfitting adventurers, and playing the game.

Others are more powerful and have limits (encounter powers and daily powers). Powers are based on a character’s class and the power source associated with it. Fighters and rogues, for example, are martial characters. Their powers are called exploits. These come from the training and experience these characters have endured, and they can sometimes appear almost magical in nature to the less-initiated. Clerics are divine characters. Their powers are called prayers. Wizards are arcane characters. Their powers are called spells.

Longtime players and folks who are new to the world of DUNGEONS & DRAGONS can find something fun and interesting in the Parts of Tens. Much of this book is written with the assumption that you have a D&D Player’s Handbook. We don’t replace the D&D game rules in this book; instead, we try to make them clearer and help you navigate your way through them with inside tips and advice. In addition, you need a set of dice (see Chapter 1 for details) to use the practice sessions presented in later chapters.

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