Harbinger House (AD&D Planescape Adventure) by Bill Slavicsek

By Bill Slavicsek

Harbinger home is a PLANESCAPE event for 4 to 6 characters of 4th to seventh degrees. From Sigil to the Outlands and again back, the heroes needs to piece jointly a puzzle that can shake the Cage to its foundations. a depressing mystery of the multiverse waits to be came upon within the lunatic asylum referred to as Harbinger apartment, and simply the participant characters can form its strength - for solid or sick.

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Harbinger House (AD&D Planescape Adventure)

Harbinger home is a PLANESCAPE experience for 4 to 6 characters of 4th to seventh degrees. From Sigil to the Outlands and again back, the heroes needs to piece jointly a puzzle that may shake the Cage to its foundations. a dismal mystery of the multiverse waits to be found within the lunatic asylum known as Harbinger condominium, and merely the participant characters can form its energy - for sturdy or in poor health.

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Harbinger House3lls the end of the street, climbing above the high walls that surround three sides of its massive structure. It’s a place of insanity, for no clear-headed architect designed this jumble of towers, levels, and wings. Its oddly tilted walls, weirdly slanted roofs, and uneven windows make it almost painful to look at. There are doors, arches, and staircases everywhere, covering surfaces that should instead be covered by shingles or tiles or paint.

He also remembers that Sougad wasn’t particularly friendly; in fact, he was downright rude. If the PCs used a different gate, Artemor never saw Sougad. However, he admits that a poor sod who was just passing through got put into the dead-book a few hours heard that a cleric of Moradin was found all cut up r at The Impulsive Dabus,” Artemor says. ” IF THE PCs ASKABOUT TROLAN: Artemor hasn’t been tasy for more than a few years, so he knows little the bard who grew up among the plinths. He does know about Those Who Court the Lady, as they recruited some of the locals a few days back.

Turning Bao he Re League against Qarz and his bashers, possibly by inciting them to rise up against the “evil” guards who’d try to keep “noble, free-thinking cutters” imprisoned against their will. However, Baox and his group won’t fight unless the PCs battle at their side. Disguising themselves and pretending to be some other group of cutters when they try to leave cutters who can prove they’ve got somewhere to go and a means of getting there. The DM must decide if the PCs’ “proof” is enough to convince the abilities as his own madness moves him, but always with great showmanship aqd a sermon of insanitv.

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