New Cutting Edge: Elementary Teacher's Book by Frances Eales

By Frances Eales

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You American ? 2 3 4 5 6 a) Am b) 8rr:. to be to 2) Complete the sentences with the correct form of the verb{s) in brackets. She ... coffee. [not IikeJ She dOf:sn't like co(fee . yo u .. in liverpool? [live) 2 He ... from Poland (come) 3 I ... the guitar. (p la y] 4 We ... her Spike. (call J 5 What .. your mother .. 1 (want) 6 My parents .. my sort of music. (not like] 7 .. all the stJdents ... from Spa in? (co me) Compl ete the text with can, mustor mustn't. 'My school 15 a grrls' boarding school.

One downstairs in the> t·lall. 4 A ... any good shops near you r home 7 BYes, ... SOme quite good ones. I like London because ... lots of fl

A) is 0] are c) be A. Ale you from Spai n? B Yes, I '" . al am bl is cJ are Joe ... American, he's English. a) aren'l: bJ isn't c) am His name's Sam and ... Katie's brother. s cl h(:" s They ... Joe's bags, they're Spike's. al aren't bl are c) isn't Spike .. nol rer rea l name. :Itchen ward lol)(, w;;;shba':>111 Communication 6/ Work in pairs. t)liler<; and sist{'r'. 1"> goL. Jslc lit/she likes and rJop<;n't li ke. • to clesrribe his/her llfdroom at hO~l1C'. Now Student B: Ask Stud;:-n> A • what his/her te,cph01e number 15 • how many nat'onalitle'i there arc in the cla5~.

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