Supermodels Professional 3D Training Tools: Modelling the by Joseph Richard Saltzman, Steven Haag-Stahlberg

By Joseph Richard Saltzman, Steven Haag-Stahlberg

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Before we move on any further let's test how well you've done overall at aligning the 2nd curve to the guide. How will we do that? Basically by displaying the points on the guide curve and seeing how close you came with your edited points. Once we've done that we will "snap" all of the 2nd curves points to the guide just to keep instructor and student in sync with each other. Yes, this is a bit of a cheat and under most day to day circumstances you're not going to have the luxury of a guide curve to rely upon to help you.

Pulling points"). By rotating each new curve about a common centre point we are in effect creating a cylindrical shape -- which after all is just what we want to do. Description: The 2nd curve begins at the top pole and runs along the top & front of the head, over the brow bone (at about the inner start point of the eyebrow) into the corner of the eye socket (near tear duct) and down along the side of the nose continuing just over the lips (about halfway between the lip peak and the mouth corner) following on over and under the corner of the chin and ending at the base of the neck.

Then with these points only, hold down the Shift Key, left click on the highlighted point and drag the point inward toward the red guide curve ( Guide_02 ) along the Y axis while continuing to hold down the Shift key. So why hold down the Shift key while dragging? Because by doing so the given point will be constrained to the current axis move in a perfectly horizontal or vertical manner as case may be, thus staying in ideal alignment. e. don't hold down Shift while dragging just for the sake of doing it).

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