The Astral Alibi by Manjiri Prabhu

By Manjiri Prabhu

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Sonia picked up the newspaper and ran her eye over the headlines. With every passing day, the urge to read the daily newspaper was taking a nosedive. Every day the papers told the same story, albeit with different characters and different locations. Violence all over the world. Train and plane wrecks or earthquakes. Riots and murders. Her eye stopped on the details of a bride-burning death. It was horrifying, the number of deaths occurring because of dowry in India. Would greed never leave the hearts of human beings?

She felt good! She always began her day with Yoga, a few Surya Namaskars—Sun Salutation, an excellent exercise that paid homage to the sun—and Omkar—the chanting of the sacred word Om—a habit instilled in her by her mother. Followed by Praanaayaam—a rhythmic breathing technique—her morning routine never failed to invigorate her with the spirit of life. Sonia rose and leaned against the wooden railing of the terrace, glancing down at the lake. The Samarth bungalow—a fancy structure of red brick, stone, and wood—stood back from the almost triangular body of water in the heart of the Shivajinagar area.

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