The Case of the Footloose Doll by Erle Stanley Gardner

By Erle Stanley Gardner

Notebook 6016 through Erle Stanley Gardner 1st ed 1960

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The Case of the Footloose Doll

Notebook 6016 by way of Erle Stanley Gardner 1st ed 1960

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Mason looked at his watch, then at his appointment schedule, said, "These things that take only fifteen or twenty minutes quite frequently take an hour, and you don't like to throw a girl out right in the middle of her story. We have a half - hour, though. . Give her a ring, Della. Ask her if she can come in right away. " "I don't think so. She says she's seen me in the elevator. " "Give her a buzz," Mason said, "tell her I can see her right away if she wants to come in now. " Della Street nodded and went to the telephone.

You can't get an ice pick this time of night, and even if you could, I wouldn't want it," Mildred said. "Oh, but I can! " 5 WITH KATHERINE BAYLOR gone, Mildred found herself in a panic. She feared Carl Harrod. She also realized now that Harrod must have discovered her impersonation and was playing with her as a cat plays with a mouse. Why? He wanted something, and the fact that Mildred wasn't quite sure what it was he wanted was disquieting. When the door chimes sounded again, Mildred's fear started her heart pounding.

I know he has faults. " Mildred remained silent. "On the other hand," Kitty went on, her eyes boring directly into Mildred's "it may just be what Dad thinks, some sort of blackmail scheme by which you're planning to hold up the family, blast Forrie's future with a paternity suit, or team up with this man Harrod for a shakedown. If so, you're headed for trouble, and I mean big trouble. Dad is a fighter, and you just don't have any idea how hard he can fight. You're buying yourself a ticket to the penitentiary for blackmail.

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